Oversight Failures at VA Medical Centers Place Veterans at Risk

The VA healthcare system provides much-needed access to medical care for millions of Veterans each year. Although the majority of VA healthcare professionals are mission-focused and provide quality care to the Veterans they serve, the titanic size of the VA healthcare system permits negligent and sometimes even willful practitioners to repeatedly harm Veterans due to a lack of oversight and accountability at certain VA medical facilities.  As demonstrated in the linked Washington Post article, incompetent and/or impaired practitioners not properly supervised or whose adverse events are not monitored in systematic fashion can harm or kill large numbers of patients at a single VA medical facility.

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Informed Consent: Did Your VA Medical Provider Warn You of the Risks?

VA Medical Centers provide care to more patients than any other single provider in the United States.  Due to the large number of physicians and medical specialists employed by the VA, the VA sometimes fails to obtain a patient’s informed consent prior to performing a proposed medical procedure.   Continue reading “Informed Consent: Did Your VA Medical Provider Warn You of the Risks?”