Widows (Surviving Spouses) May Be Owed Additional DIC Amounts


VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) is a monthly benefit paid to qualifying surviving spouses and dependent children of Veterans. The monthly rate for 2023 is $1,562.74 and the benefits are tax exempt.  For certain surviving spouses, additional monthly payments are available as part of their DIC eligibility.

A benefit that is not commonly known is “enhanced DIC”— applicable where a deceased Veteran had a 100 percent VA disability rating (including for individual unemployability) for at least the 8 years prior to the date of their death.  In addition, the marriage must have also spanned those same 8 years.  The benefit adds an additional $331.84 per month to the standard monthly DIC payment.  Surviving spouses should be aware that even where a veteran did not receive the 100 percent rate for the full 8 years, if it can be shown that the 100 percent rate should have been paid for the full 8 years (but were not due to VA error), the enhanced rate may still be owed.

Where a surviving spouse is disabled and requires help with regular daily activities (such as eating, bathing, or dressing), an additional monthly amount known and “Aid and Attendance” may be awarded.  The monthly rate for 2023 is $387.15.  If a surviving spouse is unable to leave their house due to a disability, “Housebound Allowance” may be awarded at an additional $181.37 per month.

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